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Welcome to Spirit Quest Journeys

This is about remembering who you really are. It's about letting go of what isn't serving you and replacing it with what will. It's about living...EVERY DAY...from a place in your heart and walking your path of mastery...what you came here to do. It's about healing yourself from the wounds of your past.


Why Choose Us?

Spirit Quest Journeys are inward journey intensive retreats to guide you through your spiritual enlightenment, awakening, and embodiment of unity heart-centered consciousness. Each retreat location is carefully selected for the energy and natural beauty to best facilitate the teachings wth some time built in to explore the area.
"The Enlightened Journey was absolutely transformative for my spirit! The retreat was well-organized, and the hosts were lovely, warm, and welcoming! I'm grateful to have formed such a beautiful bond with a tribe of like-minded soul sisters!" - Robin
"I've been on a spiritual quest since my late twenty's but still I learned so much at The Enlightened Journey. Leslie and Julie take time to answer your questions. Can't wait for the next retreat." - Kathy
"This retreat was exactly what I was looking for: Learning and growing spiritually within a loving and supportive group environment. Every session was helpful. The teachers were awesome; welcoming our questions and encouraging. Highly recommend!" - Ardis
"Leslie Addison and Julie Denton are great leaders of The Enlightened Journey. The subject matter is very personal to share and work on but through their guidance the attendees felt comfortable in opening up to the group." - Anonymous
"I highly recommend that you gift yourself the opportunity to expand and awaken what is within you. Observe and allow for the highest good of all. Discover your True Authentic self. Spirit Journey is the Chosen Method, in my opinion, and is facilitated by the Earth's finest leaders. A diverse team of high frequency amplifiers who teach you how to trust your innate abilities as well as show you how to elevate what you already know. Thank you to my amazing tribe for the safe environment and for the LOVE that I shall elevate and emanate to all." - Anonymous
"This was my first spiritual retreat so I didn’t have any expectations except to experience some growth and expansion, which I did and I left on Sunday energized and grounded. I liked that it was a small group and love that I’m now part of this tribe! The location was beautiful, the accommodations were good and the food was fabulous!" - Anonymous
"3.5 days in the cool clarity of the great sequoias is a treasure in itself, but this retreat also featured four spiritual giants: Leslie, Julie, Ginger and Elaine. These gifted and generous women provided a safe, nurturing space with interesting and insightful lessons, meditations and activities. Their insights, tools and experiences are helpful to students at any stage of the metaphysical journey and I walked away with some sweet clarity worth it's weight in gold." - Lynne
"Our Tribe had the most amazing weekend in Ben Lomond at the Sequoia Retreat. Tribe leaders were amazing; my new rock stars who’s combined talents blended well together as they lead beautifully together as one. These amazing talents and knowledge were shared with various levels of learners, including ‘real time’ visions with clear explanation, and never left any of us behind. We are Tribe." - Anonymous
Each day we will discuss various topics, do clearings, activations and meditations and then you will have “practice” time to integrate and incorporate what you’ve learned and remembered. While we have a general outline for our topics, we follow the energy of the group and what is being called forth rather than a fixed and set curriculum.
Topics for The Enlightened Journey include, but are not limited to, understanding who you really are, your soul, your different bodies, how to clear and quiet your mind, meet your inner child, meet your guides, understanding and working with your shadows, manifestation, meditations, living your life in an authentic unity and heart-centered consciousness way.
Topics for The Awakened Journey include, but are not limited to, vibrational energy, manifestation, psychic development, different metaphysical modalities, sound healing and tools, protection and grid work, working with the elementals, psychic in the round, meditations, living your life in an authentic unity and heart-centered consciousness way.
Topics for The Embodied Journey include, but are not limited to working with your guides, ascended masters, angels and team, grid work, protection, vibrational energy, different metaphysical modalities and tools, and psychic in the round, manifestation, meditations, living your life in an authentic unity and heart-centered consciousness way.
Do you long for that deeper inner peace? That confidence of knowing you are doing it right? Do you think it is possible to let go of the thoughts that bind you to a life that makes you feel trapped, lost, alone, confused or just going through the motions? Are you tired of the pressures of living in the rat race? Would you like to have the kind of gentleness, ease and grace that many of the great spiritual teachers of the ages have spoken about? Can you envision your life with more joy, happiness and inspiration where you can simply show up totally as yourself all the time? What about simply feeling alive with a sense of harmony and freedom? And how about that place of power, where you can stand tall, know you got this, know that you are manifestor of your own reality?
The goal is to release that which is binding you to loneliness, emptiness, numbness, and pain and to awaken you to remember your true self beyond the social persona that has been trapping you. The goal is to bring you back to an experience of wholeness, completeness, peace and lightness of being in heart-centered and unity consciousness without trauma, pain, guilt or shame. It’s like coming home after being lost for many years…only you are coming home to yourself...the real you.

About Leslie Addison


I was born an empath and with the claircognizance ability of knowing something to be true without having the hard facts or knowing exactly where that information came from. When a question is asked or I tap in, I simply get information. My gifts developed through the years, giving me deep insight to situations, problems and events. I was raised in a large military family that moved often, so I learned adaptability, flexibility, to embrace the challenges and adventure of change. I served in the Air Force, retired from Corporate America, am a Certified Life and Business Entrepreneur Coach, Consultant, speaker, author, tele-summit host and producer, energy healer, intuitive spiritual counselor, mother, grandmother and a volunteer child advocate. I stepped full time into the metaphysical world over 10 years ago. I am passionate about life and love helping others find their way…personally, professionally and spiritually.

About Julie Denton


As a child, I saw, heard, and sensed beings, lights, and energies that others didn’t. Not knowing what to do with that information, I tried to cope as best I could. Having two wide open and intuitive children sent me on a quest to learn how to guide them on their journeys. It also led me down my own spiritual path to remember what I already knew coming in. I am a registered nurse with experience in Emergency and Cardiac Nursing. Over the course of my career, I saw first hand how a balanced mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual life can prevent or shorten physical illnesses and emotional and mental stress. After seeing the benefits of energy healing in my own life and the life of my family, I decided to pursue natural, holistic energy healing full time. I am a certified Usui Reiki Master, Cellular Quantics Practitioner, and certified in Craniosacral Therapy. I am also a certified health and life coach and bring the principles of energy healing modalities to my coaching. I am an energy healer, medium, coach, teacher, speaker, intuitive spiritual counselor, consultant, mentor and volunteer.